Welcome to the Elmer/Ice wiki

Elmer is an open-source, parallel, Finite Element code, mainly developed by the CSC-IT Center for Science Ltd. in Finland. Elmer/Ice builds on Elmer and includes developments related to glaciological problems. On this page you will find documentation and examples of the various solvers and user functions developed for glaciological applications using Elmer/Ice.

Get Elmer/Ice via GitHub.

The Problems Section presents the various categories of glaciological problems that can be solved using Elmer/Ice.

The Solvers Section and the User Functions Section describe the glaciology related solvers and user functions, respectively, that can be used to solve these problems.

Tools that can be used to mesh glacier and ice-sheet geometry are presented in the Meshing Section.

The Tips and Tricks Section gives some useful demo of MATC, Post-treatments of results and more.

The Documentation Section contains presentation as well as material proposed in the framework of the Elmer/Ice courses dispensed since 2008.

The Who is doing What Section gives some information about who is doing what in the Elmer/Ice community.

Useful instructions about how to download and build Elmer/Ice are given in the Compilation Section.

Some useful links are given in the Links Section.

Scientific publications presenting glaciological applications with Elmer/Ice are listed in the Elmer/Ice website.

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