Built on top of Elmer/Ice, Elmer/Ice-sheet is a state-of-the-art model specifically dedicated for simulating ice sheets. Elmer/Ice-sheet includes a robust representation of fast dynamical changes of ice sheets and is designed to be easily handled by non-glaciologists to address a wide range of applications of past, current and future ice sheets.

Elmer/Ice-sheet provides standard configurations (meshes, input SIF files and visualisation tools) for modelling present and short-term future ice sheets. Elmer/Ice-sheet fully relies on the Elmer/Ice developments (current and future). Processes implemented and technical possibilities will be continuously improved to ensure cutting edge applications. Planned short-term developments include well-known parameterizations of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) and calving in order to extend Elmer/Ice-sheet capacities to long-term paleo-simulations. The database of configurations will be continuously implemented and available through the Elmer git and the Elmer/Ice wiki website.

This is work in progress. Follow the link below to get details on already available configurations:

Meshing tools to create the mesh from a closed contour and iteract with GIS softwares can be found here:

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