IntegrateVertically Solver

General Informations

  • Solver Fortran File: IntegrateVertically.f90
  • Solver Name: IntegrateVertically
  • Required Output Variable(s): given by the variable name
  • Required Input Variable(s): Name of the variable to be integrated in Integrated Variable Name, Depth or Height
  • Optional Output Variable(s): None
  • Optional Input Variable(s): None

General Description

This solver compute the depth integrated value of a variable (sum_zb^zs D dz) or the mean value (1/H sum_zb^zs D dz). The resulting integrated value or mean can be computed on the upper surface or on the lower one. If the mean value is computed (Compute Mean = Logical True), the depth (if On Surface = Logical False) or the height (if On Surface = Logical True) has to be calculated. If the integrated variable is calculated on the upper surface (On Surface = Logical True), a Dirichlet BC has to be given at the bottom surface, and vice versa.

SIF contents

Solver 2
  Equation = "IntegrateVertically"

   Procedure = File "ElmerIceSolvers" "IntegrateVertically"
   Variable = String "Mean Var"
   Variable DOFs = 1

   Exported Variable 1 = String "VarToBeIntegrated"
   Exported Variable 1 DOFs = 1

   ! We want it computed on the bed
   On Surface = Logical False
   ! We want the mean value
   ! We then need the Depth
   Compute Mean = Logical True
   Integrated Variable Name = String "VarToBeIntegrated"

   Linear System Solver = "Direct"
   Linear System Direct Method = umfpack

!!! free surface
Boundary Condition 2
  Target Boundaries = 6
  Mean Var = Real 0.0
  Depth = Real 0.0


An example using the IntegrateVertically Solver can be found in [ELMER_TRUNK]/elmerice/Tests/IntegrateVertically.

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