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Elmer/Ice @ EGU2024

egu plainElmer/Ice is prominently present at this year's EGU General Assembly with a dedicated splinter meeting wherein the 12th Elmer/Ice User Meeting will take place (Thu, 18 Apr, 12:45–13:45 Room 2.83).

Here is the list of talks related to Elmer/Ice applications:

Monday 15 Apr:

14:10–14:20, Room 1.61/62 (CR2.1): Chen Zhao et al.,  Subglacial Water Pressure Reshapes projected Antarctic Sea-Level Rise 

14:20–14:30, Room 1.61/62 (CR2.1): Carlos Martin and Mark Hehlen, An Enthalpy-Hydrology Coupled 3D full-Stokes Flow Model of Thwaites’ Eastern Shear Margin

Tuesday 16 Apr:

08:35–08:45, Room L3 (CR2.2): Clara Burgard et al., When will the Antarctic ice shelves not be viable anymore?

10:45–12:30, Hall X5 | X5.215 (CR2.1): Darrel Swift et al., The importance of bed roughness on ice sheet flow investigated using a full-Stokes ice flow model

15:25–15:35, Room 1.61/62 (CR1.1): Marin Kneib, Amaury Dehecq et al., Distributed surface mass balance of the avalanche-fed Argentière glacier, French Alps
16:15–18:00, Hall X5 | X5.160 (CR1.3): Yu Wang, et al., Parameterization Solutions for Basal Melting at the Grounding Line in Ice Flow Models 

Wednesday 17 Apr:

11:50–12:00, Room 1.61/62 (CR2.4): Thomas Zwinger, et al., A coupled model of glacier-ice dynamics, bed-hydrology and bedrock groundwater flow including heat-transfer

15:25–15:35, Room 1.61/62 (CR1.3): Iain Wheel, et al., Simulating 3D calving dynamics at Thwaites Glacier

16:15–18:00, Hall X5 | X5.243 (CR2.4), Rupert Gladstone, et al., Simulating the impact of Antarctic subglacial hydrology on ice sheet evolution

Thursday 18 Apr:

10:55–11:05, Room L3(CR2.3): Anna Crawford, et al., Calving dynamics and mélange buttressing conditions at the Thwaites Glacier calving face

12:45–13:45, Room 2.83: Elmer/Ice users meeting

14:10–14:20, Room L3 (CR2.3): Douglas Benn, et al., Tidewater Glaciers and Ice Shelves as Self-Organising Systems

17:20–17:30, Room 1.34 (CR7.7): Qin Zhou, et al., Ocean-driven basal channel growth at Fimbulisen

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