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A closer look on ISMIP6-Antarctica results

In this latest article on ISMIP6-Antarctica intercomparison (including contribution from Elmer/Ice),  a closer look is taken on the results for high carbon emission tc 17 5197 2023 avatar webscenarios. The work focuses on key glaciers around the Antarctic Ice Sheet in order to quantify their projected dynamic mass loss through increased ice discharge into the ocean in response to changing oceanic conditions. Particular attention is given to glaciers contributing the most to sea level rise, as well as their vulnerability to changes in oceanic conditions.  These key glaciers - alongside the whole ice-sheet - in the further are investigated for the different sources of uncertainty and their relative role in projections. The findings are that in addition to the "usual suspects" in W-Antarctic ice-sheet (that be Thwaites and Pine Island) also outlet systems in E-Antarctica (Moscow University and Totten) show high sensitivity to increased oceanic ice-melt. Further, the uncertainties of the choice of climate models and the parametrization of the ocean melt have been investigated. Yet, overall, the highest uncertainty in dynamic ice-loss seems to be coming from the choice of the ice-sheet model. 

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Seroussi, H., Verjans, V., Nowicki, S., Payne, A. J., Goelzer, H., Lipscomb, W. H., Abe-Ouchi, A., Agosta, C., Albrecht, T., Asay-Davis, X., Barthel, A., Calov, R., Cullather, R., Dumas, C., Galton-Fenzi, B. K., Gladstone, R., Golledge, N. R., Gregory, J. M., Greve, R., Hattermann, T., Hoffman, M. J., Humbert, A., Huybrechts, P., Jourdain, N. C., Kleiner, T., Larour, E., Leguy, G. R., Lowry, D. P., Little, C. M., Morlighem, M., Pattyn, F., Pelle, T., Price, S. F., Quiquet, A., Reese, R., Schlegel, N.-J., Shepherd, A., Simon, E., Smith, R. S., Straneo, F., Sun, S., Trusel, L. D., Van Breedam, J., Van Katwyk, P., van de Wal, R. S. W., Winkelmann, R., Zhao, C., Zhang, T., and Zwinger, T., 2023. Insights into the vulnerability of Antarctic glaciers from the ISMIP6 ice sheet model ensemble and associated uncertaintyThe Cryosphere 17. doi:10.5194/tc-17-5197-2023

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