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Elmer/Ice at AGU2012

Here is a list of the known Elmer/Ice talks and posters that will be presented at the forthcoming AGU in San Francisco,  3-7 Dec 2012. Please, if your talk/poster is not listed, contact me (OG) and I will add your presentation.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

8:00 AM-12:20 PM, Hall A-C (Moscone South), C31B. Modeling of Glaciers and Ice Sheets I - Posters

  • C31B-0591. Capabilities and performance of the new generation icesheet model Elmer/Ice. O. Gagliardini; T. Zwinger; G. Durand; L. Favier; B. de Fleurian; F. Gillet-chaulet; H. Seddik; R. Greve; M. Mallinen; C. Martin; P. Raback; J. Ruokolainen; M. Schäfer; J. Thies
  • C31B-0592. Full Stokes or shallow ice approximation? Comparing the ice flow dynamics at the Shirase Drainage Basin, Antarctica. H. Seddik; R. Greve; T. Zwinger; S. Sugiyama
  • C31B-0597. Investigation of a new approach for the modelling of subglacial hydrology. B. de Fleurian; O. Gagliardini; G. Durand; E. Le Meur; D. Mair; T. Zwinger
  • C31B-0606. A simple method to assimilate both surface and bedrock data into an ice-sheet model. G. Durand; F. Gillet-chaulet

1:40 PM-3:40 PM, 3007 (Moscone West), C33E. Modeling of Glaciers and Ice Sheets II   

  • C33E-05. The dynamic response of Pine Island Glacier to a calving event inferred from two higher-order models. L. Favier; S.L. Cornford; G. Durand; O. Gagliardini; T. Zwinger

4:00 PM-6:00 PM, 3007 (Moscone West), C34A. Modeling of Glaciers and Ice Sheets III

  • C34A-01. Stable grounding lines on retrograde slopes. (Invited) G.H. Gudmundsson; J. Krug; L. Favier; G. Durand; O. Gagliardini

Thursday, December 06, 2012

3:55 PM-5:55 PM, 3002 (Moscone West), C43F. Cryospheric Contribution to Sea Level Rise: Current Estimates and Projections I (Video On-Demand)

  • C43F-06. Comparative forecast simulations of the Greenland icesheet using Elmer/Ice and GRISLI C. Ritz; F. Gillet-chaulet; O. Gagliardini; A. Quiquet; G. Durand; V. Peyaud

Friday, December 07, 2012

1:40 PM-6:00 PM, Hall A-C (Moscone South), C53B. Cryospheric Contribution to Sea Level Rise: Current Estimates and Projections II Posters

  • C53B-0840. Semi-empirical and process-based global sea level projections J.C. Moore; A. Grinsted; T. Zwinger; S. Jevrejeva




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