User Function USF_Damage

General Informations

  • User Function Fortran File: USF_Damage.f90
  • Function 1 Name: EnhancementFactor
  • Function 2 Name: SourceDamage

General Description


The first function changes the rheology of the damage ice by impacting the enhancement factor.

The second function is used to compute the source term of the advection-reaction solver.

SIF contents

The required keywords in the SIF file for this User Function are:

  Dev Tensile Strength Modifier = Real 0.05 ! standard deviation for the stress threshold distribution

Body Force 1
  DGD Source = Variable Damage
    Real Procedure "ElmerIceUSF" "SourceDamage"

Material 1
  Glen Enhancement Factor = Variable Damage
    Real Procedure "ElmerIceUSF" "EnhancementFactor" 
  Damage Enhancement Factor = Real 2.00 ! damage enhancement factor
  Damage Parameter sigmath = Real 0.05 ! stress threshold for damage increase

Additionnally, for output visualisation, the damage criterion Chi is saved as a variable named Chi, which need to be exported in a solver, such as :

Solver 3
  Equation = Sij
  Procedure = "ElmerIceSolvers" "ComputeDevStress"
  Exported Variable 1 = Stress[Sxx:1 Syy:1 Szz:1 Sxy:1 Syz:1 Sxz:1]
  Exported Variable 1 DOFs = 6
  Exported Variable 2 = -dofs 1 "Chi"


A 3D example can be found in [ELMER_TRUNK]/elmerice/Tests/Damage.


Krug, J., J. Weiss, O. Gagliardini and G. Durand, 2014. Combining damage and fracture mechanics to model calving, The Cryosphere, 8, 2101-2117, doi:10.5194/tc-8-2101-2014.

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