Tool MshGlacierSynthetic

* Source Fortran File: MshGlacierSynthetic.f90

This tool deforms vertically a 1m thick 2D or 3D mesh to conform with the bedrock and surface elevations given as two analytical expression in fbed.f90 and fsurf.f90, respectively. These fortran functions are of the form:

FUNCTION fbed(x,y)
USE types
REAL(KIND=dp) :: x, y, fbed

fbed = ...


For a 2D geometry, fbed and fsurf are only function of x.

Informations (name and number of partitions) of mesh are given is the file This tool works for already partitioned mesh.

Compilation is done as follow:

elmerf90-nosh MshGlacierSynthetic.f90 fbed.f90 fsurf.f90 -o MshGlacierSynthetic

An example using MshGlacierSynthetic to construct ISMIP-HOM experiment A mesh can be found in [ELMER_TRUNK]/elmerice/examples/Test_MshGlacierSynthetic.

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