Tool MshGlacier

* Source Fortran File: MshGlacier.f90

This tool deforms vertically and horizontally a 1m x 1m square mesh to conform with the bedrock and surface elevations given as data points. One has first to create a square 1m x 1m Elmer mesh (name_mesh), and to give the bedrock and surface elevations in two ascii files. Then, the mesh can be constructed using the x-coordinate of the bedrock and surface data points (must then contains the same number of points with the same x-coordinates and so the mesh) or the node coordinates can be interpolated. Linear or cubic spline interpolation can be used.

A mesh_input.dat file must contains the following information

! Name of the mesh directory (should exist)
The mesh x-coordinates correspond to the data? (Yes=1, No=0)
Linear / Cubic Spline (0 / 1)
! Surface name file
! Number of Points in the surface file
! Bedrock name file
! Number of Point in the bed file
! Minimum ice thickness
! Mesh start at x0
! Mesh end at xEnd

An example using MshGlacier to construct a 2D mesh mesh can be found [ELMER_TRUNK]/elmerice/examples/Test_MshGlacier.

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