Advanced Elmer/Ice Workshop - CSC 2018

CSC (Finland) in cooperation with IGE (France) organized a 3-day advanced Elmer/Ice workshop from 29th to 31st October 2018. This course was sponsored by the Labex OSUG@2020. You can find below all the material and presentations from this workshop.

Users presentations

Title Name Presentation
Glaciology at Marine-Ice margins   Abhay Prakash pdf
(C)old ice project Josef Lier pdf
Regional-scale coupling between climate and glacier dynamics Carlo Licciulli pdf
Elmer Permafrost Model Thomas Zwinger pdf
Subglacial processes - hydrology Pierre-Marie Lefeuvre pdf
3d cavity Christian Helanow pdf
Transient cavity Olivier Gagliardini pdf
FISOC Rupert Gladstone pdf
FS-SSA coupling and MMG3D Crevasse remeshing Eef van Dongen pdf
Calving, Hydrology and Plumes in Elmer/Ice Samuel Cook pdf
Sensitivity of centennial mass loss projections of the Amundsen basin to the friction law Julien Brondex pdf
Geoengineering and Dome A Michael Wolovick pdf

Code Updates and Demos

Title Presenter Slides Inputfiles
Elmer code updates interesting for ice simulations Peter Råback pdf see in slides
Elmer/Ice updates Thomas Zwinger pdf see in slides
LUA and threading Juhani Kataja pdf see testcase in source-code
MMG3D and Zoltan reshaping/-meshing Joe Todd (Thomas Zwinger presenting) pdf tar.gz
Hydrology and friction Olivier Gagliardini pdf see examples in Elmer/Ice tests
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