Installation and compilation of Elmer on OSX using homebrew

The Homebrew recipe for Elmer was developed by Juhani Kataja. The task should be accomplished quite swiftly.

$ brew tap elmercsc/homebrew-elmerfem
$ brew install elmer --HEAD --with-elmerice

Dropping the option –with-elmerice would leave out Elmer/Ice routines (but that is most likely what you do not want to do, reading these instructions). An additional –with-elmergui would include the graphical user interface of Elmer. As there are quite a few dependencies, one can expect the first installation to last for quite a while (so don't worry). The final installation is then to be found under /usr/local/Cellar/elmer/

Updating Elmer/Ice should be equally easy. To get a renewed version from the initial installation above, just type

$ brew reinstall elmer --HEAD --with-elmerice


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