Compilation with the GNU autotools (outdated)

As a prerequisite to use Elmer/Ice package, you need to have Elmer installed on your computer. If it is not the case, have a look on the Elmer Compilation page.

As of revision 5955, Elmer/Ice is included in the SVN repository of Elmer. In the main trunk Elmer/Ice is to be found under trunk/elmerice. Hence Elmer/Ice is retrieved with every checkout of the whole Elmer package.


As mentioned above, Elmer/Ice can be retrieved through the whole Elmer package via SourceForge. Nevertheless, there is no real reason to always update/download the whole Elmer package. In order to get the Elmer/Ice part of the repository simply give the following SVN command in your shell

svn checkout svn:// elmerice

NB: if you drop the elmerice at the end, you will get the whole Elmer source code, Elmer/Ice inclusive.

NB: if port 3690 needed by svn-protocol can not be opened, checkout via HTTP-protocol insteady.

Building Elmer/Ice

The main prerequisites for building Elmer/Ice are:

  • An existing Elmer installation
  • A Fortran 90 compiler
  • (GNU) Make
  • The elmerice part of the repository

Elmer/Ice is simply built by a make command from within the elmerice sub-directory. In order to define the installation directory, you have the option to directly define the variable $ELMERICE_HOME. If you are running bash, this would be done via:

export ELMERICE_HOME="/path/to/the/preferred/installation"

If this path does not exist, it will be created alongside the sub-directories lib and include. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you define the variable ELMER_HOME instead to point to the installation directory of Elmer and leave ELMERICE_HOME undefined. Then the installation directory points to $(ELMER_HOME)/share/elmersolver, which then includes Elmer/Ice executables into the existing Elmer installation.

Elmer/Ice is compiled by

make compile

and installed into the previously defined (or the recommended default) directory by

make install

Be aware that you have to have the rights to write into this directory. Hint: if you need to use sudo rights to install, use the -E option in order to redirect the current environment (including the settings of $ELMERICE_HOME or $ELMER_HOME) to the process.


To use the Elmer/Ice Solvers and User functions, simply modify your sif files to point on the ElmerIceSolvers and ElmerIceUSF object files:

Procedure =  File "ElmerIceSolvers" "NameSolver"

where NameSolver is the name of the solver you want to execute.


The complete tree elmerice is released under GPL 2 (or later), just like the rest of the code. The main difference of the elmerice branch with respect to the rest of Elmer is that for Elmer/Ice the intellectual property lies not with CSC, but with the community. In short that means that no non-GPL branch can be derived from anyone (including CSC). This also means, that Elmer/Ice code has to stay within the elmerice tree.

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