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Elmer/Ice and MISMIP

image MISMIPElmer/Ice was the only full-Stokes model applying to the MISMIP experiments. As a conclusion of the MISMIP Publication (Pattyn et al., 2012): "These results may seem to indicate a need to solve the full-Stokes equations near the grounding line to obtain fully accurate results."

EGU Outstanding Young Scientist Award

gael EGUGaël Durand (LGGE CNRS / UJF) has been awarded the Outstanding Young Scientist Award of the EGU Division on Cryospheric Sciences for his contributions in the understanding of polar ice dynamics from micro-scale to macro-scale. Gaël has, in particular, developped the two dimensional grounding line solver within Elmer/Ice and performed the MISMIP experiments.

3D full-Stokes Grounding Line Model

picture3dElmer/Ice is the only three-dimensional full-Stokes code solving properly the dynamic of the grounding line. It will be the only full-Stokes model which will solve all tests of the new MISMIP3d intercomparison exercise. Favier et al. (2012) present a complete description of the model and an application to a pinning point experiment.

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