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Elmer/Ice at IGS Chamonix 2014

IGS Chamonix 2014 sansCercle LawResElmer/Ice Talks and Posters at International Symposium on Glaciers and Ice Sheets Contribution to Sea-Level Change (Observations, Modelling and Prediction), to be held in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France, 26-30 May 2014. In total, 5 orals and 10 posters presenting some Elmer/Ice related results over the 220 presentations of the symposium. The whole program of the symposium can be obtained here.


- Monday, 26 May, 16h54: Jean KRUG, Investigating the impact of melange on glacier dynamics
- Monday, 26 May, 17h12: Fabien GILLET-CHAULET, Could the non-linear creep behaviour observed at low stresses be associated with the yield stress of ice?
- Wednesday, 28 May, 10h48: Marianne HASELOFF, Modelling the dynamics of ice stream shear margins
- Thursday, 29 May, 14h00: Josefin AHLKRONA, The Fast Full Stokes Method (FFS) applied to the Greenland Ice Sheet
- Friday 30 May, 11h42: Martina SCHÄFER, Effect of elevation feedback in coupling a climatic mass-balance model to an ice-flow model: Vestfonna ice cap, Nordaustlandet/Svalbard

Poster Session A, Tuesday 15:30:

- Dorothée VALLOT, Seasonal evolution of basal friction coefficients in Kronebreen, Svalbard, using Elmer/Ice.
- Yongmei GONG, Sensitivity of Austfonna ice cap transient behavior to model physics and basal boundary conditions
- Ilona VÄLISUO, Simulations of the effect of mass-balance forcing on Midtre Lovénbreen, Svalbard, with a full-Stokes glacier model
- Thomas ZWINGER, Continuum and discrete models for calving and fracturing in glaciers

Poster Session B, Thursday 15:30:

- Jaime OTERO, Analysis of front position changes of a tidewater glacier and its control mechanisms
- Joe TODD, Flow and seasonal calving dynamics in a 2D model of Store Glacier, West Greenland
- Anne SOLGAARD, Inferring basal conditions at Engabreen from surface measurements
- Gwendolyn LEYSINGER VIELI, Investigating conditions for freeze-on at the ice sheet base and its effect on the ice sheet
- Sue COOK, The role of subaqueous melt in grounded ice: does it really enhance calving?
- Marion REVEILLET, Three-dimensional simulations of Glaciar Zongo (Bolivia, 16°S) over the next century, based on different IPCC scenarios

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