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2013 Summary

Cloud Elmer lowA short summary of this very productive year:
- more than 10 papers using the ice sheet/ice flow model Elmer/Ice were published from a much larger community than ever, a community paper summarizing the previous developments was published in GMD,
- 9 papers including results from the ice sheet/ice flow model Elmer/Ice were cited by the 5th IPCC report,
- 3 beginner courses (Univ. of Washington, USA, Univ. of Alberta, Canada and LGGE, France) and a first advanced course (CSC, Finland) were organized,
- the fist Elmer/Ice users meeting took place during EGU 2013.

Thanks all for contributing and making Elmer/Ice one of the most alive ice-sheet/ice flow model around the world! And thanks for the CSC for its continuous support in developing Elmer!

For 2014:
- the second Elmer/Ice users meeting will take place during EGU 2014 (Tuesday 29 May, 12:15-15:00, Room Y3)
- the examples on the svn will be soon replaced by a series of tests that can be launched automatically to verify a new installation or new developments. 
- and certainly many more news to come later!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

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