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First online Elmer/Ice beginner's course

The first online Elmer/Ice beginner's course was taking place from November 23 to 27, ElmerIceCourse2020 Zoomwith a self-study preparation week based on instruction videos from 16. to 20. November. In total there were about 40 people from all over the world enrolled in this course, which was free of charge and supported by IGE, Grenoble and CSC in Espoo. The wide spread of timezones of the participants implied that every Zoom online session from the morning was repeated in the evening. The material (slides, videos and input files) is  still accessible via the course page and of course can be further used as reference or self-study material.

Besides some constructive suggestions on how to improve this course format, the feedback to the course was generally positive. A few quotes from the feedback form:

Thank you for the efforts and for a very well designed introduction course!

Thank you, you guys are the best!

I would like to thank you for the entire Elmer/Ice team for providing this great opportunity to learn the model. This was my first time with Elmer/Ice and I have found the model very important and useful in my research work. The course was detailed, informative and well structured. The training session was interactive and encouraged me to use the model in my research work. I am motivated to use the model in my current and future research.

Thank you very much for taking the time to run this course. It was fantastic to get an introduction to Elmer and to realise the possibilities it presents. I look forward to beginning to use Elmer in the near future.

 Encouraged by these positive reactions, the Elmer/Ice team is considering to provide courses of the same online format also in the post-pandemic future.

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