Open Source Finite Element Software for Ice Sheet, Glaciers and Ice Flow Modelling

Elmer/Ice is a full-Stokes, finite element, ice sheet / ice flow model. The aim of this website is to present the capabilities of Elmer/Ice and to distribute course materials and tutorials.
Elmer/Ice is an add-on package to Elmer, which is a multi-physics FEM suite mainly developed by CSC-IT Center for Science Ltd., Espoo, Finland. Initially started by CSC,  IGE and ILTS, currently multiple institutions and individuals contribute to the development of Elmer/Ice.

3D full-Stokes Grounding Line Model

picture3dElmer/Ice is the only three-dimensional full-Stokes code solving properly the dynamic of the grounding line. It will be the only full-Stokes model which will solve all tests of the new MISMIP3d intercomparison exercise. Favier et al. (2012) present a complete description of the model and an application to a pinning point experiment.

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